The Story of Me, Ms. Natjawee Somsri

Moving to somewhere far away from HOME is never an easy decision. Back to 4 years ago, where I finally decide to continue higher education (a bachelor degree) in the UK, I could feel lots of fears running in my head, telling me studying aboard was tremendously difficult and I myself need to adjust a lot! In the same time, my HEART was beating so hard. I could not tell what it was trying to tell me, but I just feel RIGHT.

I guess the heartbeat was very loud – it was loud enough to eventually bring me to University of East Anglia, right in the economic lecture room! This was where I found lots of ambitious students from different parts of the UK, friends from around the world and enthusiastic professors. Throughout 3 years of my academic endeavors, everyday was different. It had filled with challenges on many economic issues which we all had to analyse a (current) situation, identify the problems and find effective solution.

There were many times, we as economic students had to point out if we agree with some releasing policies from the government, or NOT. It was a bit intense but the professors always suggested that

‘There will not be any RIGHT or WRONG answer on the assignment, because I believe that as an economist you all will find the most reasonable solution for the benefit of the society as a whole’

This was when my heart was beating again, being eager to solve mix of challenges, and learn to accept different perspectives in everyday of my university life.

Being enthusiastic to push myself forward, in the summer 2013, I was a successful candidate who received an opportunity of internship at an accounting and financial firm in Chicago, USA. Here I worked and was responsible for a number of financial and accounting projects. Working on, for example, Illinois Lottery System Implantationproject not only flourished my analytically-financed skill but the coordination with WGN TV Channel also enabled me to work collaborating with my creative skill through the work on television studio production.

Recently, I have received a very delightful opportunity working with a London based designer on LONDON FASHION WEEK PROJECTS AW15 and SS15. Yes, I am now sitting right next to many professional people in the fashion industry and I am going to tell you now what it is like.

Now I am in the studio office and we are working toward Autumn-Winter collection for London Fashion Week 2015, and not to mention how exhausted we are after having a-few-hour sleep in the past couple weeks. Can I say again? that I am so exhausted now, and as a business support, I really have no idea why all those creative people need to work hard and be really caring about every single detail.

Being on the show date, I get the answer at the moment I see the models walking on the CATWALK with the outfits which our team pay a part and I can see how everyone really matters on this beautiful creation. This is a magic world filling with lots of passionate creative people who would like to make many women look gorgeous and confident in the way they really are. I can experience on how the creations through an idea generation process make many women’s dream come true – this is so fascinating!

I cannot stop thinking how thankful I could be now, having all these amazing opportunity in my life, what if, back to 4 years ago, I did not believe in myself and decided not to make a move to the UK. Fortunately my heart was beating so loud that I choose to trust it.

Anyways! I have to stop thinking now, because the audiences in the CATWALK room is making round of applause for our team, and we all have to go out to take a bow.....See you soon!


On my graduation day (2014)


Me being in formal uniform on the way to my workplace in Chicago, USA (2013)